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Frequently asked questions

Wat does the GrowthClass program cost?

The GrowthClass Free program costs you nothing! You can be part of the GrowthClass community for only €150 per four months. Are you ready to take it a step further? Join our Premium Club program for €225 per month. No strings attached: you can down-grade your subscription quarterly.

What does the GrowthClass program contain?

This is what you’re going to do!

The GrowthClass program consists of 3 subscriptions.  Each subscription contains different features:

GrowthClass Free GC Club GC Club Premium
Access to e-learning platform X X X
Quarterly video from expert X X X
Quarterly work assignment X X X
Part of the GC community X X
Your own online workbook X X
Monthly online meeting (1h) with a group of entrepreneurs X X
Quarterly offline meeting with all entrepreneurs and experts X X
Monthly personal online session with entrepreneurial mentor or mental coach (45 min) X

Online assignments and meetings

You’ll receive new video’s from experts within your personal e-learning platform. Every video comes with an assignment. This covers a specific topic each quarter. GrowthClass Club members can fill out the assignment in their personal online workbook. You discuss the assignment during the quarterly online meeting with your group of entrepreneurs. The groups consists of minimal 4 people. Note: online meetings are not accessible if you have a free account.

Offline meetings

Every quarter, offline meetings are hosted, covering the business topic of that specific quarter. Meetings take place in Amsterdam with mentors having a track-record on the topic accordingly. Note: offline meetings are not accessible if you have a free account.

1 on 1 session with your mentor

Are you part of the GrowthClass Club Premium? You may schedule a monthly meeting with your personal mentor. This meeting can be seen as a deep dive into a topic of your choosing, ranging from entrepreneurial to personal subjects.

How can I be selected to join the GrowthClass Club?

The GrowthClass program is an exclusive community for motivated entrepreneurs that strive for personal and professional growth. Therefore, selection criteria apply.

  1. Entrepreneurs must be introduced my a minimum of two GrowthClass participants.
  2. Entrepreneurs are screened upon multiple criteria, such as revenue, traction, etc.

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